13 Dec 11 at 4 pm
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hid all the posts i was tired of haha

hopefully i can actually get something done that im proud of dang

06 Dec 11 at 8 pm

i had done portraits for all the others but these were the only two that i liked

cries quietly into hands

29 Nov 11 at 9 pm

how u doin

how u doin
moshi moshi luke desu
so homestuck and twilight had a baby
11 Nov 11 at 8 pm

i worked really hard on these so they get their own photoset

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asker this blog needs about 20% more yaoi

i can fix that

03 Nov 11 at 9 pm

dang i never posted this here :O

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dang i never posted this here :O
30 Oct 11 at 4 pm

Asked by Anonymous

asker What're your brush settings? Great art btw '3'

the only ones i use are the pen and crayon tools the pen isnt modified

but here are the crayon settings :OOO

and thanks very much!!

stop youve violated the law